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Volume 3, Issue 2 (2013) Art/Science Hybrids

Guest Editors
Steve Gibson, Northumbria University
Stéfan Müller Arisona, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW
Alex Sévigny, McMaster University
Senior Associate Editor
Terry Flynn, McMaster University
Associate Editors
Steve Gibson, Northumbria University University
Josh Greenberg, Carleton University
Andrew Laing, Cormex Research
Sidneyeve Matrix, Queen's University
Laurence Mussio, McMaster University
Patricia Parsons, Mt. St. Vincent University
Heather Pullen, Hamilton Health Sciences
Philip Savage, McMaster University
DeNel Rehberg Sedo, Mt. St. Vincent University
Assistant Editor
Shelagh Hartford, McMaster University

Table of Contents


Preface to the JPC special issue on Art/Science Hybrids PDF
Alex Sévigny
Art Into science/science into art
Steve Gibson
Iterative Emergence of Art/Science Hybrids PDF
Stefan Müller Arisona


Augmenting science through art PDF
Matthias Berger
Next nature: ‘nature caused by people’ PDF
Sue Thomas


Interview with George Legrady, chair of the media arts & technology program at the University of California, Santa Barbara PDF
Stefan Müller Arisona

Research Articles

Art-science and verbal articulation in hyper-visual techno-culture PDF
F. Taylor
Theoretical aesthetics PDF
Adam Tindale
Mapping art to systems thinking PDF
Paul Goodfellow
The superhero and the DJ: Science meets design PDF
Mikael Lindstrom
Social commentary through the transdisciplinary practice of audio-visual performance PDF
Léon McCarthy
The digitization of music and the accessibility of the artist PDF
Marius Carboni
Live programming for robotic fabrication PDF
Jason Lim

Editorial Advisory Board

Editorial Advisory Board 2013, Issue 2, 2013 PDF