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Vol. 4, No. 1 (2014)

Alex Sévigny, McMaster University

Senior Associate Editor
Terry Flynn, McMaster University

Case Studies Editor
Dave Scholz, Leger

Associate Editors
Steve Gibson, Northumbria University
Josh Greenberg, Carleton University
Andrew Laing, Cormex Research
Sidneyeve Matrix, Queen's University
Laurence Mussio, McMaster University
Patricia Parsons, Mt. St. Vincent University
Heather Pullen, Hamilton Health Sciences
Philip Savage, McMaster University
DeNel Rehberg Sedo, Mt. St. Vincent University

Assistant Editor
Shelagh Hartford, McMaster University

Table of Contents


Public relations in the interactive era PDF
Alex Sévigny


World War I and the birth of public relations PDF
Ira Basen
Effective watchdogs bark: The role of communications at the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario PDF
Elena Yunusov


Lifelong learning is central to the practice of public relations and communications management PDF
Maria Russell


An interview with Dr. Paulo Nassar, president of the Brazilian Association of Business Communication (ABERJE) PDF
Terence (Terry) Flynn

Research Articles

Can we all agree? Building the case for symbolic interactionism as the theoretical origins of public relations PDF
Sandra Braun
Relocation as a catalyst for change: How leadership empowered employees and achieved organizational change at Sanofi Canada PDF
Joanne Kennedy
Turning belief into action: An exploratory case study applying the building belief model to an anonymous college in Ontario PDF
Christine Szustaczek
From MBA to MCM: A pedagogical examination of blended residency-online teaching and learning in a graduate professional communications program PDF
Holly Unruh, Philip Savage
Divulgation volontaire d’informations non-financières et valorisation boursière des firmes PDF
Félix Zogning

Case Studies

American Peanut Council Case Study PDF
Daniel Tisch, Alison George
White Cashmere Collection 2013 PDF
Deborah Weinstein

Book Reviews

Is the interactive era turning marketing into public relations? (Review of "Spin" by Clive Veroni) PDF
Alex Sévigny
Suggesting a strategy lineage for public relations (Comparative Review of "Understanding Michael Porter" by Joan Magretta; "Playing to Win" by A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin; and The Design of Business by Roger Martin) PDF
Brady Wood

Editorial Advisory Board

Editorial Advisory Board Vol. 4, Issue 1, Journal of Professional Communication PDF
Alex Sévigny